Rep. Melanie Stambaugh selected to serve in Governing Institute’s ‘Women in Government Leadership Program’

Rep. Melanie Stambaugh, R-Puyallup, has been selected to the 2016 class of the Governing Institute’s ‘Women in Government Leadership Program’.

The program was established in 2014 to create a bipartisan, national network of women thought-leaders. The 2016 class is comprised of 25 women currently serving in state and local offices around the country.

“It is an honor to be selected to participate in the ‘Women in Government Leadership Program’ with these dynamic women,” said Stambaugh. “I’m excited to continue connecting with them, learning from their experiences, finding shared passions, and working together on policies that benefit our communities.”

The Governing Institute is a three-year-old initiative focused on improving state and local government performance, and strengthening public-sector innovation, leadership and citizen engagement. As part of the institute’s leadership program, Stambaugh and her fellow members will meet together throughout the year for leadership development and training.

Criteria for selection to the program include:

  1. Outstanding performance in current role.
  2. Has demonstrated leadership throughout career.
  3. Shows personal integrity.
  4. Showcases a deep commitment to public service.
  5. Cares about the role of women in government.
  6. Has specific and documented accomplishments and successes.

“The Governing Institute celebrates the contributions that the 25 members selected for the Class of 2016 make every day as public servants,” said Governing Institute Director Julia Burrows in a release. “They give voice to critical issues, are genuinely interested in what is best for their constituents and add a diversity of opinion that makes our democracy better. They are knowledgeable, driven and courageous, and we express our gratitude and respect for their service.”

Click here to read the Governing Institute’s profile of Stambaugh.


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