Bill co-sponsored by Stambaugh to improve educational outcomes for homeless students signed into law

A bill co-sponsored by Rep. Melanie Stambaugh to improve education outcomes for homeless students has been signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee. House Bill 1682, sponsored by Rep. Jake Fey, D-Tacoma, establishes grant programs to provide in-school supports, housing stability and identification services for homeless students.

The grant programs available to local districts will:

  1. Pilot increased identification of homeless students and the capacity to provide support;
  2. Connect homeless children with stable housing; and
  3. Allow school nurses, school counselors and homeless student liaisons to provide consent for health care for homeless students.

“These grants will provide resources for our school districts, and also help provide stability for our homeless youth so they have increased opportunities to excel in school and in life,” said Stambaugh, R-Puyallup. “By engaging in these school-housing partnerships, we are benefiting our local school districts and investing in a strong foundation from which our students can build a strong educational experience.

Stambaugh says the bill will also help school districts save money they are currently spending on transporting homeless students for the federal McKinney Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act.

“Districts are spending more than half-a-million dollars per year on transportation costs alone. These dollars could be better utilized in the classroom by providing needed support for our most vulnerable students.”

The final version of House Bill 1682 passed the House 80-16 and the Senate 42-6. It will go into effect in June.


Washington State House Republican Communications