Rep. Melanie Stambaugh’s bill designed to help women get birth control

Legislator: Rep. Melanie Stambaugh
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Washington state may soon pass legislation that would eliminate the need to visit a doctor to receive birth control. A new bill, introduced by Republican lawmaker Melanie Stambaugh of Puyallup, would allow pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives to women.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson: If Stambaugh’s bill passes, Washington state would become just the third state in the nation where women could receive birth control prescribed by a local pharmacist.

Stambaugh: “We have members on both sides of the aisle who understand that this is a crucial piece for women, because accessing birth control under the current law can be long and arduous and an expensive process for women.”

Johnson: Stambaugh says removing the barriers women face would be a positive development for women’s health in Washington state.  House Bill 2681 requires  training for pharmacists to make birth control available to women 18 and older.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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