House Republican women oppose paid, commercial surrogacy

This week, the Washington State House of Representatives approved legislation modifying the procedures for determining certain aspects of the legal parent-child relationship, known as the Washington Uniform Parentage Act. The bill makes changes to surrogacy agreements, allowing for commercial surrogacy.

House Republican women legislators voted against the bill, calling it one of the most disturbing policies ever considered in their legislative careers. They say the measure creates a market-mentality about the cherished act of a mother giving birth to a child, and unfairly targets economically disadvantaged women, including low-income single mothers, migrants, and unemployed women.

They issued the following statement:

“The exchange of funds for carrying and giving birth to a child undermines the human dignity and rights of the mother and child. This type of business transaction is very different from altruistic surrogacy, which is a compassionate act of generosity and sacrifice that does not involve for-profit payment.

“In an effort to protect women and their children, Republicans offered 14 amendments that would have shielded women from this type of exploitation and prohibited the sale and purchase of children in our state. Sadly, they were all rejected on party-line votes.”

Senate Bill 6037 passed the House 50-47. It now advances to the governor’s desk.

House Republican women legislators ask Washington residents to contact Gov. Inslee to urge him to veto SB 6037. You can contact his office at (360) 902-4111.


Washington State House Republican Communications